The Wright Advantage

Why We're Different

We custom build each home to the homeowner’s unique vision.

Building a mountain home is different. It brings challenges that you may not anticipate. Whether you’re looking to build a vacation home or a primary residence, Wright Family Custom Homes can ensure that you get the dream home you’ve always wanted. How? Because of The Wright Advantage.

We aren’t cookie cutter. We don’t give one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf solutions. We build intentionally. No two families are the same. Each homeowner has specific needs, wishes, and desires. And we understand that. That’s why we build specifically to your vision or conception, ensuring your satisfaction along the way.

Quality & Efficiency

Put The Wright Advantage To Work For You

Because of our well-established relationships with vendors and the city of Asheville, we can manage the building process at every stage to assure quality and efficiency from start to finish. From selecting your site, to inspections and surveying, to the architectural design, to the streamlined building process, to the final coat of paint…we make sure everything is just what you want, just what you demand. That means the best quality craftsmanship, on time, and on budget.

A True

Team Approach

No other builder in the region provides the collective services and expertise that the Wright Family does. In addition to working with an award-winning builder and having Marilyn Wright, our own real estate expert in-house, we have a team of skilled craftsmen at the ready. These are the best-of-the-best contractors, woodworkers, painters, artisans, and finishers. That means superior quality without the wait or added costs. It’s all part of what we do day-in, day-out.

- We Sweat The Details So You Don’t Have To -
- In-House Real Estate Consultation -
- Streamlined A-to-Z Process -
- Dedicated Team of Artisans & Crafters -
- ‘Homeowner Comes First’ Mindset -

A dream mountain home is the culmination of all these elements working together seamlessly. Managing the contractors…spec’ing the materials…overseeing the build at various stages…all of this requires not only superior supervision, but streamlined processes. At Wright Family Custom Homes, we put all the pieces of the puzzle together to ensure that you get the home you want, without the headaches or stress.

Are you ready to build your dream mountain home?

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    Hear From Our Clients

    "Tim Wright is an outstanding builder. Integrity, honesty, attetion to details, and uncompromising quality are some of his traits, inpendently of the customer's budget. Not easy to find in the construction business... I have work with other builders in several countries and I can say, without a doubt, that Tim is in a league of his own. After building a house for myself in 2011, the experience was so pleasant that I decided to build a second one in 2015. If you are cosidering building in the Asheville, NC area look no further."
    Mercedes C.

    "Tim's company built our house four years ago. Their work has stood the test of time. We have had no problems at all with the house. The work was done on time and on budget. Tim was thoroughly professional at all times and very easy to work with."
    Stephen P.

    "We have worked with Wright Custom homes on several projects and always more than satisfied. Tim has be transparent, timely, and trustworthy."
    Dave P.

    "My Husband and I recently worked on a home project with Tim Wright. The project turned out amazing and far exceeded our expectations. Working with Wright Family homes turned out to be one of the best decisions we've made in a long time. The work man were professional and the Project came in under budget. I would highly recommend Wright Family homes to anyone looking for a Honest builder who does amazing work in a timely fashion."
    Shari Hayes Designs

    "Tim was great to work with and had many suggestions to accomplish our goals and work within budget. he also teamed up well with the architect, we would definitely use again"
    Art K.